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I am an award winning performance maker interested in how participation in live art can unravel societal constructs. 

I make performance and installation that often utlises conversation, game mechanics, image making and live music. I have made work in cupboards, office blocks, derelict living rooms, a working restaurant, the street, on trains, as well as in theatres and galleries internationally.


I am fascinated by systems of organisation that I don't understand, with a particular interest in the patholigisation of behaviour and gender and how 'disorders' and 'appropriate behaviour' are quantified.  


I wrestle with my own identity politics and I feel conflicted with the labels I have been given throughout my life.


Some of my prescribed labels are: woman, man, live artist, performance maker, campaigner, manic depressive, activist, queer, mental, femme, anxious, woman, dyke, secret love child of Elvis, producer, singer, psychotic  ADHD, angry, girl, director, dyslexic, musician, feminist, pain in the arse, dramaturg, weirdo.


I prefer Chiron Stamp

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