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Stamp collective

Co founded in 2011 with Holly Hardy, Sarah Vero, Gaia Harvery Jackson, Kelley Griffiths, Verity Clayton and Gabriella Belard. Stamp Collective explored play theory, audience agency and game design to create responsive performance within non-traditional spaces.


We made 9 original shows in unusual spaces of venues including; Southbank Centre, The Bush Theatre and Theatre Delicatessen's Marylebone Gardens, Hoxton Hall, Stoke Newington International Airport, Hackney Downs Studios and Winter Gardens Margate.


Associate artists of Theatre Delicatessen, StampCollective were commissioned by Fantasy Highstreet in July 2013 to create Fantasy café - a community project responding to The Portas Review and in December 2013 we were invited by the Greater London Authority to create the first immersive performance in City Hall, accompanying the round table discussion of 'Centre Stage: Supporting Small Theatres in the Capital' report.


'A very exciting development for the future of theatre' 

A Younger Theatre

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