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Chiron is  an experienced workshop facilitator working with students, professionals and communities - sharing tools that they use in their own creative practice to explore participatory pracitces, co creation and performance making.


Chiron has created and delivered workshops for other theatre companies, activist groups, design companies, tech companies and youth groups.



  • Self Care and Gender


  • Self Care and Collective beyond Capitalism


  • Autobiographical Performance Making
    This workshop is designed to share some of my practice devising techniques. Exploring how to work with autobiographical stimulus as a starting point for creating performance. Working individually and in groups workshop is for emerging practitioners of all backgrounds and is suited to those interested in devising work and participatory practice.


  • Fine-tuning
    In this workshop Chiron works with students to develop their final performance pieces. It will consider ways in which you might edit/develop/refine/reflect on your material. Ellie also gives advice on theoretical framework and other current practitioners to give context to emerging practice. This workshop is aimed at third year undergraduate and MA students.


  • The Art of Being an Artist
    This workshop explores and share advice being an emerging artist and sustaining a freelance work in the arts following graduation. Through how to write your artists statement, what should go on your website, the importance of documentation and how to work towards funding.


  • Funding: The Question of Value
    Funding is seen as fundamental to any sustainable practice, be it collective or individual.

    In this practical workshop we explore the tension between funding and value, both from an ethical point of view, and from that of social and political organisation. Asking the important questions: What is your project? how does it work? and why should anyone care?



  • Chiron Stamp


  • Gergengrau (Berlin)

  • Brainchild Festival

  • De Montford University

  • Central School of  Speech and Drama

  • The Dragon Cafe

  • The South Bank Centre

  • House of  Fairy Tales

  • KIT Theatre

  • Coney


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